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Richmond Dinner Event


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
9200 Stony Point Pkwy Ste 131
Richmond, VA 23235 United States



September 27, 2022


6:30 pm EDT


You and your guest are invited to this complimentary dinner event hosted by Carlson Financial, local retirement and financial planning specialists. During the event, Carlson Financial will reveal the strategies and techniques for preserving your capital, legally averting taxes, addressing your healthcare, and driving a more safe income, even in a turbulent market.

A Dinner Evening with Carlson Financial – The Financial Resource for WWBT


Topics of discussion include:
• How to take control of your retirement and feel empowered in the Biden era.
• What are the 3 biggest decisions you need to make in the coming weeks and months?
• How to understand YOUR retirement risk in a volatile market environment.
• How to avoid the de-funding of your retirement and Social Security.
• The SECURE Act and how this impacts your IRAs and beneficiaries.
• The sunset of the Trump tax cuts is in sight…what can you do now to “lock-in” your savings?
• Main street vs. Wall Street, who wins, who loses and how it impacts you.
• You’re being asked to “Shoulder the Burden” of higher taxes. What are your options?
• How you may dramatically increase your interest earnings – while safeguarding your investment from risk.

Call today to RSVP at (866) 407-7975, and give the RSVP code 434890w.