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Overland Park Dinner Event



October 5


6:30 pm EDT

You are cordially invited to join us for a Complimentary Dinner Event at Piropos in Overland Park. We anticipate 40 guests per event and seating is limited, so please guarantee your space now by using one of the convenient RSVP options listed below.


Topics of discussion often include:

• The Economy – Will inflation and rising costs cripple the economy and cause a recession?
• Market Conditions – How do volatile markets affect your retirement plan? What about a bear market?
• America’s National Debt & Deficit – How will this looming problem likely impact your retirement?
• Social Security – Will it still be around for you? When should you start taking benefits?
• Longevity Risks – Will you outlive your money? Who will take care of you if your health fails?
• Inflation – How much purchasing power do you stand to lose in the next 5, 10, or 20 years?
• Taxes – How might future tax hikes affect your retirement? Will you be left with enough money?
• Retirement Income – How can you generate lifetime income that is both predictable and dependable?

Call today to RSVP at (866) 407-7975, and give the RSVP code 436195w.