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Richmond Dinner Event


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
11500 W Huguenot Rd.
Midlothian, VA 23113 United States



December 13


6:30 pm EST

You and your guest are invited to this complimentary dinner event hosted by Carlson Financial, local retirement and financial planning specialists. During the event, Carlson Financial will reveal the strategies and techniques for preserving your capital, legally averting taxes, addressing your healthcare, and driving a more safe income, even in a turbulent market.

A Dinner Evening with Carlson Financial – The Financial Resource for WWBT


Topics of discussion often include:

  • How inflation can silently eat away at your financial plan and destroy your retirement lifestyle.
  • The effects of a long-term bear market on your finances and retirement plan.
  • How global and political events, such as the Ukraine and Russian war, affect yourpersonal finances.
  • Why reducing your taxes may be more beneficial to your bottom line than your investment returns.
  • Whether you can still rely on Social Security and Medicare as cornerstones ofyour retirement plan.
  • How to address longevity risks, such as outliving your income and unexpectedhealth concerns.
  • Why excessive government spending and exploding national debt will likely havemassive consequences on your money and your retirement.
  • How to properly access your savings and investments to generate consistent anddependable retirement income that you won’t outlive.

Call today to RSVP at (866) 407-7975, and give the RSVP code 439118w.