Potential Planning Ideas During Market Volatility

Carl Carlson shares a few ways to take advantage of the current market volatility.

If any of them seem like they might be a fit for your situation, please give us a call at 844-CARLSON to speak with your advisor or Client Service Specialist.

Roth Conversions 

If you are planning on a Roth conversion in 2022 – reach out to your Advisor and Client Service Specialist and ask if now is a good time to get that done while the market is down.

Cash Needs – Free Withdrawals from annuities

If you are anticipating a larger than normal cash need in the coming weeks or months, reach out to your Advisor and Client Service Specialist to go over the best options to get this cash from your investments.

In many cases taking a free withdrawal from your safe money (fixed index annuities) makes more sense right now – but those free withdrawals require signatures and have a longer lead time than withdrawals from your Fidelity accounts

Funding IRAs and Roth IRAs

If you have the cash available, and plan on contributing to your IRAs – now is a great time to get that done.

You have until April to fund IRAs (if eligible) for the 2021 tax year.

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