3 Keys to Retirement

3 Keys to Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning, you should focus on three key priorities to make sure you create the retirement you deserve:

Priority #1: Find a trusted financial advisor.

Your financial advisor should be someone you trust to help you develop a written financial plan and assist you with positioning your money correctly. Ideally, they should be independent and not tied to a large retail firm that wants to push certain investment and insurance products over others. It’s a good idea to thoroughly vet a financial advisor before you meet with them to make sure they’re competent and trustworthy. You can do this by talking to friends and family or conducting a thorough internet search.

Priority #2: Choose an advisor that’s a good fit for you.

Your advisor should spend plenty of time with you, discussing your specific needs and goals. They should also help you build a written financial plan that’s tailored just for you and your unique circumstances, not some cookie-cutter approach they use with all their clients. And if you ever feel like an advisor is talking AT you and not WITH you, it could be time to find a new advisor.

Priority #3: Build your financial foundation.

Building a sound financial house starts by making sure your money is correctly positioned. The foundation of your house should include guaranteed income to cover your expenses in retirement, while the walls and roof of your house make sure you’ll have enough money to last as long as you need it.

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