3 Things to Retire

3 Things You Need for a Successful Retirement

What does a successful retirement mean to you? While everyone’s definition of a successful retirement is different, there are three key things you need to create a solid plan for your future:

#1: A trusted financial advisor

Your advisor should be a fiduciary, someone who is held to the highest standard and gives you advice based on your best interests, not theirs. A fiduciary is usually an independent advisor, someone who isn’t tied to a large retail financial firm and can select from a wide range of insurance and investment products to find the right fit for your plan.

#2: A comprehensive written plan

Your retirement plan should go beyond just income. Instead, it should include a comprehensive deep dive into five key areas of your financial life:

#3: A well-built financial house

Guaranteed income forms the foundation of your financial house. Your sources of guaranteed income in retirement could include Social Security benefits, an annuity, a pension, or other retirement savings. Your financial advisor can help you not only identify these guaranteed sources of income but also find ways to maximize them and make sure you have enough money to last as long as you need it.

Discover the better side of retirement planning.

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