Your Uncle Point

Your “Uncle” Point for Retirement Planning

Did you ever play “uncle” when you were a kid? It was when you wrestled another person into a painful position – like an arm twisted behind the back – and applied pressure. When the other person cried, “Uncle,” you knew that was the point to let up on the pressure.

Do you know where your “uncle” point is when it comes to the stock market? We’ve all got a point where volatility and the thought of losing money in our investments becomes too much pressure, especially when markets start falling in value. Everyone has a different uncle point, depending on a variety of factors: your age, how much you have saved, and how much time you have until you retire.

How much can you stand to lose before the pain becomes too great – and you call “uncle” on your financial plan? Many people think they have a much higher threshold for losing money, but when the value of their investments start falling, they suddenly realize maybe their tolerance for pain isn’t as high as they originally thought. Some even end up selling off investments, threatening their financial plan and their retirement income in the process.

Discover the better side of retirement planning.

Do you know where your “uncle” point is with your investments? At Carlson Financial, we can help find your tolerance for potential loss and create strategies to protect against financial pain. Call us today at 844-CARLSON or CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary review.

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