One Page Financial Plan

The One-Page Financial Plan

If you’ve met with a financial advisor, you know that many factors go into creating a comprehensive financial plan. You’ve probably also gotten a written plan that spans many pages of paper – making your plan overly complicated and hard to follow.

A written financial plan that’s too long and difficult to unravel is meaningless, especially if you’re trying to understand what you own as you get closer to retirement. Instead, the best financial plans can be simplified and summarized onto one or at the most two pages. Seeing all the factors on one page not only provides a better understanding of your overall financial picture, it also provides reassurance that your retirement plan doesn’t have any holes.

We recommend working with an advisor who can provide you with a well-designed written financial plan that can be summarized in less than two pages. If you’re currently working with someone who has given you lengthy and unwieldy plans, it might be time to seek a second opinion. Knowing what you own – and how much you own – is the first step in creating a successful retirement.

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