Held Away Assets

Written By: Marissa Waldron, CFP We have expanded our services here at Carlson Financial by adding another way we can help our clients. Occasionally, we come across accounts that our clients would like us to manage, but for some reason or another, the account can’t be moved. Most often this is because it’s an employer-sponsored…

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Investment Portfolio Change

Carlson Financial is making changes to our clients’ investment portfolios today. Watch the video below to hear Carl explain what changes are being made and why. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 844-CARLSON (844-227-5766).

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What Your Banker Might Not Tell You About Refinancing

30 year mortgage rate

Written By: Scott Rinehart, CPA Let’s talk a little bit about envy. While most people might be jealous of their friends’ and coworkers’ new cars and new houses. I’ve always been guilty of a different sort of envy. Interest Rate Envy. When I bought my first little starter home in 2013, I worked HARD to…

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